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Enrollment for our Regular Program academic year 2023 - 2024 is now open.

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Primary (Year 1-6)

Morphoo Elementary School offers a curriculum that is designed for maximum student success. The academic program challenges students to reach their individual potentials and prepares them for the new digital world.

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Kindergarten (Age 4-6)

Our program for kindergarten focused on life skills, with the hope that children learn about chores, responsibility, have a good moral compass while actively playing with their friends.

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Secondary (Year 7-9)

Morphoo Secondary programs aims to provide students with the proper tools and support mechanism required to enhance the students' track record of academic achievements, attitudes and values.

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Our Philosophy

We believe that education is much more than getting a good academic grade. Education is a joint effort by the student himself/herself, parents and the school in preparing every child’s future.

Interactive study

Our study materials are tailored to encourage each student to be proactive and accessible for future re-learning.

Project-based learning

We believe a hand-on approach will help student to understand the academy subject, and help student learn about problem solving.

Multiple Syllabus

We combine Cambridge Curriculum and Merdeka Curriculum, looking the good side of both, to help student have a good understanding while being competitive locally and globally.

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Play your enrollment

Talk wih our team to find out more details about enrollment in Morphoo.

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