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Primary (Grade 1-6)


Our Curriculum

The Morphoo School Elementary School program (Grades 1-6) offers curriculum based on the Cambridge Syllabus, as well as the Merdeka Curriculum. Our approach to learning is founded on research and best educational practices, and we combine these two curricula to find balance between academic rigor and field interest of study. The goal is to build each child into a competent learner in a caring community.Our curriculum provides children with opportunities for critical thinking, problem solving, communication skills, creativity, collaboration, selfmanagement skills and independence.

Our Subject


o Core Subject:
▪ English
▪ Science
▪ Math

o Merdeka Curriculum Subject:
▪ Introduction to Balinese Culture (Bahasa Bali)
▪ Indonesian Language
▪ Citizenship (Ppkn)
▪ Social Studies
▪ General religion studies

o Additional Subject:
▪ STEM ▪ PE (sport)
▪ Art and Culture
▪ Cooking
▪ Coding
▪ Character Building

At Morphoo School Elementary program, we believe that every child is unique and has their own strengths, interests and challenges. We encourage them to think critically and independently, and to develop a love of learning and self-motivation. We support them as they attain academic and personal goals. We recognize that children have individual needs, and that learning styles and rates of development vary. For this reason, each student gets individual attention and personalization in their learning.

Our teachers use multiple resources such as textbooks, digital resources, hands-on activities, and field trips projects to enhance student learning experience at Morphoo School.

Students and parents get to take part in several events and celebrations throughout the school year. These are some of the most talked about and remembered times of the Morphoo School Elementary experience. Annual events and celebrations include:

- Kindness Day
- Carnival Day
- Indonesia Week
- Earth Day
- Performance Day

Our Program Choice

We have two program options available for our Elementary programs, which are designed to meet the needs of your child. The first is a full-day face-to-face school option which begins at 8:30 AM and ends at 2 PM. The second is a Homeschooling (online Class) option that has 3-4 meetings with one hour session per week. Both programs are educational and developmentally appropriate.

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