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Kindergarten (Age 4-6)


Our Curriculum

We know that the Period (ages 4-6) is an important time for your child's education. At Morphoo, we center our curriculum around an inquiry approach to learning that is well-researched, based on best teaching practices from around the world, and designed to build a solid foundation for future academic success.

We believe that curiosity and a love of learning should be fostered at this age, so we encourage children to ask questions, make observations and discoveries, and explore the world around them.

Our Subject


o Core Subject :
▪ English
▪ Science
▪ Math


▪ PE ( Sport )

▪ Art and Culture

▪ Cooking

At the Morphoo School Kindergarten Program, we believe that every child is unique and has an innate curiosity about the world. It is our role as educators to provide a safe and nurturing environment for them to explore those curiosities and begin to develop a love of learning that they will build on for the reminder of their lives.

Young children learn best through direct experiences with the world rather than through abstract and formal academic practices. We are not only committed to providing a high quality education but also helping each child reach their full potential in all areas of development. The Morphoo School Kindergarten Program is supported by qualified, expert educators who guide young children in their acquisition of knowledge and their development of content, skills, and attitudes preparing them for elementary school.

Our Program Choice

We are proud to offer a variety of Kindergarten programs at Morphoo School.

We have two schedule options available for our Kindergarten programs, which are designed to meet the needs of your child. The first is a full-day face-to-face school option that follows the same schedule as the rest of the Elementary School, which begins at 8:30 AM and ends at 2 PM. The second is a Homeschooling (online Class) option that has 3-4 meetings with one hour session per week. Both programs are educational and developmentally appropriate.

You can ask one of our Admissions Officers about the right program for your child during the application process.

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