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Teaching More Than Just Math and Science: Unlocking Potential With Morphoo International School


How often have you heard the phrase "It's not just about the grades"? While it is important to excel academically, there is a lot more involved when it comes to preparing our kids for the future. For this reason, Morphoo International School has created a curriculum that goes beyond math and science.

At Morphoo, we believe that students should be given the opportunity to explore a variety of disciplines in order to find their passion. We don't want our students to be limited to their core classes - instead we offer courses in performing arts, cooking and even coding, giving them the opportunity to experience something new and challenge themselves. In addition, our teachers strive to create an environment where creativity, innovation and curiosity can thrive.

At Morphoo, we are focused on helping our students reach their full potential. Read on to learn more about how Morphoo International School is unlocking potential with customized curriculum.

Why Additional Subjects Matter

You might think that traditional math and science classes are the only things that matter in preparing children for the future. But what about art, music, cooking, and coding?

In Morphoo International School, we understand that success goes way beyond memorizing a few equations and scientific concepts. That's why we go beyond core subjects to provide our students with additional activities to help them develop their creativity and discover their own passions.

It may sound like a luxury, but there are plenty of real-world benefits to teaching additional classes. For example, studies have found that learning about coding earlier on can give students a boost in problem-solving skills. And with performing arts and cooking classes, children gain an appreciation for culture and cuisine from around the globe—lessons they will take with them long after they graduate.

By introducing more than just math and science into our curriculum, we’re helping our students unlock their potential—and setting them up for success in all areas of their lives.

Exploring the Possibilities With Morphoo International School

At Morphoo International School, we believe in unlocking the potential within our students in more than just math and science. That’s why we provide a curriculum that includes an array of classes to explore a variety of different interests.

From performing arts and cooking to coding classes, Morphoo International School is dedicated to helping our students find their passion and explore different possibilities. With us, your children will be able to take part in classes designed to not only teach them the basics but also introduce them to new topics and ideas.

We understand that every student is unique and has different needs. That’s why we strive to create an environment where students feel comfortable enough to openly explore their creativity without fear of judgment or failure. When given the opportunity, our students can discover hidden talents and new perspectives that will broaden their horizons with the world!

Our Range of Courses and Experiences Offered

Are you looking for something more than Math, English, and Science? Here at Morphoo International School, we understand that learning shouldn't be limited to the traditional 3R's. That's why we offer a wide range of courses and experiences beyond the core subjects.

From performing arts to cooking classes, coding to engineering projects, our innovative curricula goes beyond textbooks and helps students explore their interest in multiple disciplines. For example:

  • Performing Arts: With our performing arts classes, students grow as creative individuals through engaging activities such as music appreciation, acting and introduction to drama.

  • Cooking: Our cooking classes provide students with an exciting opportunity to learn more about nutrition while mastering culinary techniques in a fun and safe environment. They get hands-on experience with food preparation and basic kitchen safety.

  • Coding: Coding is an increasingly important skill that is demanded in today's job market. That's why we provide coding classes where students can learn the basics of coding, problem-solving methodology, as well as develop webpages from scratch.

We want our students not just to excel in academics but to discover their hidden talents and build their passion for life-long learning. With Morphoo International School, your child will be exposed to opportunities that unlock their true potential!

How We Encourage Students to Find Their Passion

We understand that it’s essential for students to develop a deep understanding and love for learning in order to be successful in life. That's why Morphoo International School believes in teaching more than just Math and Science. In fact, we offer our students a range of other subjects such as performing art classes, cooking classes and even coding classes. We want to make sure that we are able to assist our students in discovering something they can be passionate about—other than just Math and Science.

Performing Arts

We are all born with creativity inside us and sometimes, this needs to be nurtured and developed. At Morphoo, we encourage our students to hone their creative side through performing art classes. We believe that having our students learn how to properly express themselves will give them a sense of self-confidence, giving them the assurance that they always have the ability to communicate or express feeling through art.


We also take pride in the cookery class we offer at Morphoo. With this class, our goal is for our student's to have the understanding of connecting food and culture. We want our student's decision making skills with food preparation improved and allow them to gain an appreciation for good quality food as well as have a passion for cooking and even healthy eating!


The world has become so technologically advanced now that coding is becoming an integral part of many professions out there. That’s why we offer coding classes too! They are fun yet meaningful lessons designed so that students can gain an insight into technology while also learning problem solving skills and formulating logical solutions at the same time!

How We Focus on Holistic Development

At Morphoo International School, we understand that learning is so much more than just Math, Science, and English. That’s why we strive to give our students the opportunity to explore and discover their passions. We offer a vast array of classes in the performing arts, cooking, coding, and more. This way, you know your child will be exceptionally well-rounded by the time they graduate from Morphoo.

Nurturing Individual Interests

We believe in nurturing individual interests and helping our students explore and foster their natural talents. Whether it’s cooking or coding that sparks your child’s curiosity, we will be there to support them every single step of the way. Instructors are highly trained professionals who are passionate about teaching and imparting knowledge to children with enthusiasm and care.

Unlocking Potential

At Morphoo International School we want our students to become well-rounded individuals with a robust set of skills that can help them unlock their potential in any field they choose in life. Our program offers a variety of subjects designed to give students a holistic development experience they won’t find anywhere else.

Whether you want to develop your child's passion for the performing arts or help them explore new opportunities, Morphoo International School promises an all-encompassing experience that caters to every area of growth – both academic and personal!

What Makes Morphoo International School Unique?

At Morphoo International School, we do more than just teach core subjects like Math and Science. What makes our school unique is the emphasis that we put on developing the potential of our students, helping them explore their passions with courses like performing art, cooking, and coding.

Variety of Courses

We believe in helping our students find their own unique purpose and path in life. That’s why we offer a variety of courses to help them discover what they like the most. From Music to Art to Coding and Cooking Classes, we provide an extensive range of additional course offerings to give students an opportunity to explore new areas and develop new skills.

Experienced Educators

Our experienced educators also play a significant role in helping our students unlock their potential. Our teachers are dedicated professionals who approach every class with enthusiasm and treat each student as if they are special. We understand they have different learning styles and needs—and that even the most motivated student may need extra help at times—so we strive to create an environment where every student can feel safe and comfortable while mastering the material.

At Morphoo International School, we don’t just teach core subjects like math or science; we take teaching beyond the basics and encourage our students to explore their talents in pursuit of discovering their passions.


Morphoo International School is a place where students of all ages can not only learn the core subjects, but also explore their passions and unlock their potential. Through the addition of classes such as coding, cooking, and the performing arts, students are able to find what they love, and take their passions even further. Through Morphoo International School, students can discover a world of possibilities, and develop skills that will help them beyond the classroom.

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